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Our Lakeland landscape design services include total landscape designs which can be conveniently viewed through AutoCAD renderings. AutoCAD is a program which brings designs to life through computer drawings and Made in the Shade provides this service so that customers can see first-hand what a design can look like through a rendering. We also provide Sod and Mulch installation and have extensive experience installing all varieties available in today’s market. The scope of our landscaping potential is unlimited. We install fully grown trees and can manage any large commercial land. Our attention to detail is desired in residential projects as well, as our pruning, and mowing services are elite and eye-catching.

When it comes to maintaining and landscaping any environment whether residential or commercial, Made in the Shade is a company you can count on and trust. We work with integrity, honor and detailed workmanship. Keeping our customers satisfied is our priority and we will keep this value perpetuating for years to come.

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Sod Installation

At Made in the Shade, a Lakeland landscape design company, we are the Sod experts. Our installation process is meticulous and thorough to ensure that our Sod is laid correctly and that it will flourish and thrive in its new environment. Sod is in high demand and at Made in the Shade we have direct access to the best Sod in town which includes Bermuda and St. Augustine cultivars. If you aren’t sure what family of Sod is best for your project, our team will advise and suggest which cultivar works best for you. With each project involving Sod, our turnaround rate is swift due to our intimate contacts with local Sod farms and with our decades in experience, Sod is guaranteed to be laid with great expertise.

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Mulch Installation

Mulch is desirable for a variety of reasons, mostly for aesthetics but also to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature and to impede weed growth. An array of colors and materials are available for Mulch in today’s market and Made in the Shade will install whichever a client desires as we have experience with them all.

Mulch can be made of tree bark or other recyclable material and most recently even rubber. Rubber Mulch can be died any color and is 99.9% steel free. It keeps pesky critters away, does not blow or uplift easily and has the potential to last 10-12 years! Regardless of the type of Mulch, Made in the Shade will install with great detail and precision.

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