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Waste has a way of piling up over time. Storms or even seasonal change can leave your formerly well-tended yard looking like a war zone. When there is a carpet layer of leaves on the ground, big fallen branches, or other big mess, you may want to hire Made In The Shade Lawn & Landscaping for professional lawn care.

At Made in the Shade, a Lakeland Lawn Maintenance company, knows how to do the job quickly and efficiently. Letting the debris linger is a bad idea. Not only does it look bad, it can also start to decay, which will attract bugs and other unwelcome visitors to your yard. We specialize in everything from tree removal to sod installation, ensuring that your yard always looks its best.

Following a thorough lawn analysis, Made In The Shade Lawn & Landscaping will develop the best lawn care plan for your property. We understand that each client has specific needs and all grass is certainly not the same, which is why we offer unique lawn services to each client.

Maintain a beautifully manicured and healthy yard with our custom landscaper service. Made In The Shade, a Lakeland Lawn Maintenance service provider, is your preferred choice offering everything from complete yard maintenance to hedge upkeep. With value-adding services from our team, you can keep grass perfectly mowed, edges nicely trimmed, and shrubbery shaped. Let us create a high-end look for you while you enjoy impressing your neighbors. Contact us today in Lakeland, FL for more information.

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Lawn maintenance services in lakeland, fl


Lawn Mowing

Since 1997, Made in the Shade has been providing lawn mowing and maintenance services in the Lakeland area and we have perfected our craft with decades of experience. The attention to detail that our technicians utilize while Mowing a project is unprecedented. With every curve and boarder, hill and slope, our Mowing techniques are unlike any other landscaping company—every square inch of grass is taken into account and meticulously maintained by our team.

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Weed Control

Weed control is essential to any landscaping project and our team is prepared to equip your project with the necessary tools to prevent weed damage. Our technicians are also well versed in weeding out unwanted plant growth and other material.

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